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The following are the last books I read (with my grade):


Prague Cemetery

Humberto Eco Italy20099.0

Nineteenth century Europe, from Turin to Prague to Paris, abounds with the ghastly and the mysterious. Conspiracies rule history. Jesuits plot against Freemasons, Italian republicans strangle priests, French criminals plan bombings by day and celebrate Black Masses at night. But what if, behind all of these conspiracies both real and imagined, lay one lone man? What if that evil genius created its most infamous document?


I Serve: A Novel of the Black Prince

Rosanne E. Lortz United States20094.0

Set against the turbulent backdrop of the Hundred Years' War, it chronicles the story of Sir John Potenhale. A young Englishman of lowly birth, who wins his way to knighthood on the fields of France under the service of Edward, the Black Prince of Wales.


The Bruce Trilogy

N. Gemini Sasson United States20105.5

The Crown in the Heather

Worth Dying For

The Honor Due a King

In 1290, Scotland is without a king. Two families: the Bruces and the Balliols vie for the throne. Robert the Bruce fights against the English King Edward I. After the Bannockburn Battle in 1314 he conquers the Scottish throne but he struggles to unite a kingdom divided by centuries old blood feuds. He is forced to flee through the Highland wilderness. Edward II ascends to the throne of England and tries to defeat Robert the Bruce while trying to keep his own crown.


The Tavernier Stones

Stephen Parrish United States20106.0

When the body of seventeenth-century mapmaker Johannes Cellarius floats to the surface of a bog in northern Germany with a 57-carat ruby clutched in his fist, the discovery ignites a deadly treasure hunt to unearth the fabled Tavernier stones.


The Parthian

Peter Darman England20107.0

When Rome transgresses upon his father's domain that lays between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Pacorus, a prince of the Parthian Empire, is sent to exact revenge. After a string of victories Pacorus and his men are captured in Cappadocia and sent to Italy as slaves. But Pacorus and his companions are saved by a renegade gladiator named Spartacus and join him in his fight against Rome.


Harold - The Last of The Saxon Kings

Edward Bulwer-Lytton England18486.5

Harold Godwinson (1022 – 1066 A.D.) also known as Harold II, the last Anglo-Saxon King of England before the Norman Conquest, reigned from January 5 1066 until his death at the Battle of Hastings on 14 October of that same year, fighting the Norman invaders, led by William the Conqueror.


A Caverna

José Saramago Portugal20009.5

Common people suffering the destructive impact of the new economy over the local and traditional businesses. A family of potters sees his life transformed with the arrival of a big shopping center, enforcing the cruel face of the capitalist world where the people become barely shades.



Susana Fortes Spain20076.5

In the Florence of Botticelli and Leonardo, a crazy pope, Sixto IV, the ambitious king of Aragón and Nápoles and some mortal enemies, the Pazzi, plan one of the biggest treasons of the history against the power of the Médicis. Murdering Lorenzo the Magnificent was the only way to dominate the economy of Christian world. In the Florence of the century XXI, a student prepares his theory about a painter of cloudy past and uncovers, through a mysterious painting, who was the true instigator of the crime perpetrated under the biggest sacred dome of all the Christian world.


Levantado do Chão

José Saramago Portugal19799.0

Portrait of a people in the zone of the Alentejo facing their oppressors (the landowners, the forces of the order and the Church) and the rural misery, from the end of the century XIX up to the "Revolução dos Cravos" in 1974.


The Medici Dagger

Cameron West United States20016.5

Quest to solve Leonardo da Vinci's enigmatic Circles of Truth, an ancient puzzle leading to the long-lost Medici Dagger, a weapon made of a superior metal lighter, stronger, and more durable than anything known to man.


Beer & Philosophy

Steven D. Hales United States20076.0

The Unexamined Beer Isn't Worth Drinking. Articles showing how philosophycal questions are related to something so simple like having a beer with friends.


Night Train to Lisbon

Pascal Mercier Switzerland20049.0

A chance meeting with a Portuguese woman, a word and a book changes the life of a gifted but dull classical languages teacher in Switzerland who abandons his life and takes the train to Lisbon.


O Enigma de Compostela

A.J.Barros Brazil20095.0

In the Way of St. James a series of crimes leads an investigator to unveil a thousand-year-old secret while a mysterious sect murders priests, nuns and tourists along the way.


A Capital da Solidão

Roberto Pompeu de Toledo Brazil20079.0

A history of São Paulo, from the origins to 1900.


Crusader: By Horse to Jerusalem

Tim Severin Ireland19897.5

Nearly 900 years ago, Godfrey de Bouillon set out on the First Crusade. In our own time, author Tim Severin retraced his steps to Jerusalem. In the process, he covered more than 2,500 miles by horse, past ruined Crusader settlements and ancient battlefields, over arduous mountain passes, and across Anatolian steppes.


Justinian's Flea: Plague, Empire, and the Birth of Europe

William Rosen United States20079.0

How Yersinia pestis, the bacterium responsible for bubonic plague, was the major force that led to the decline of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire of late antiquity and the subsequent rise of medieval Europe.


Jericho: Dreams, Ruins, Phantoms

Robert Ruby United States19957.5

History of the legendary, mythical city of Jericho, combines lyricism with archaeological evidence to depict the site of ancient cultures fought over by Natufians and troglodytes, Canaanites and Judeans, Christians, Muslims, and Jews.


Seattle: King County and its Queen City

James R. Warren United States19818.0

Biography of the city with original photographs and drawings of the early founding families and Native American tribal members, including Chief Sealth.


The Naked Pint: An Unadulterated Guide to Craft Beer

Christina Perozzi & Hallie Beaune United States20097.0

All things beer, from beer style descriptions to cooking with beer to brewing your own beer at home.


The Pueblo Revolt

David Roberts United States20047.0

The secret rebellion of the pueblos that drove the Spaniards out of the Southwest in 1680.


The Ancient American Civilizations

Friedrich Katz Germany19696.5

The development from small village communities to prosperous city-states that culminated in the magnificent empires of the Aztecs and Incas. The pre-Columbian America, its inhabitants, agriculture, and culture.


Chapadão do Bugre

Mario Palmério Brazil19658.5

Based in a mysterious and real history occurred in the interior of Minas Gerais state, in the beginning of the 20th century. The tragic history of a solitary rider that drifts by a land fertilized with blood, where blossom the intolerance, the violence and the cruelty.


God's Gold

Sean Kingsley United States20075.5

A quest for the lost temple treasures of Jerusalem.



Colin Jones United States20048.0

The biography of the city of Paris.


Massacre at Montsegur

Zoe Oldenbourg France19597.0

A history of the Albigensian Crusade, in 1208 in south France, against the Cathars.


The seventh unicorn

Kelly Jones United States20057.0

The search for a lost, and possibly apocryphal, medieval tapestry of the Lady and the Unicorn series.


How soccer explains the world

Franklin Foer United States20047.5

An unlikely theory of globalization.


Bird girl and man who followed the sun

Velma Wallis United States19966.5

The Athabaskan indian legend from Alaska.


Death with Interruptions

José Saramago Portugal20059.0

For reasons initially unclear, people stop dying in an unnamed country on New Year's Day.


Cities in the Sand

Aubrey Menen England19727.0

A historical reconstruction of the ruined Phoenician cities of Leptis Magna, Timgad, Palmyra and Petra.


Empire Adrift

Patrick Wilcken Australia20048.0

The Portuguese court in Rio de Janeiro, 1808-1821


A few acres of snow

Robert Leckie United States19998.0

The saga of the French and Indian Wars, fought in American and Canadian lands.


Voyages of delusion

Glyn Williams England20028.5

The search for the northwest passage in the age of reason (eighteenth century).



Cyril Mango England19807.5

Description of various aspects of Byzantine life, culture and civilization.


The Little Ice Age

Brian Fagan United States20006.5

How climate made history between 1300 and 1850.


Prague Pictures

John Banville Ireland20037.0

A portrait of today's Prague, it's often tragic history and the people who made it


Bloodline of the Holy Grail

Laurence Gardner Scotland20016.0

Penetrating new light is cast upon the descending heritage of Jesus in the West and the Holy Grail.


Cross and Crescent

Susan Shwartz United States19976.0

The first crusade threatens the Byzantine Emperor in their way to Jerusalem.


Is Paris Lost?

Raymond Reagan Butler England19886.0

The English occupation during 1422-1436.


Philip of Spain

Henry Kamen England19977.0

In-depth biography of Philip II (1527-1595), king of Spain.


Travels in Alaska

John Muir United States19148.0

Vivid descriptions of John Muir’s three trips to South East Alaska in 1879, 1880 and 1890.


The rise of the Greeks

Michael Grant England19877.0

Sheds light on one of history's most creative eras and civilizations: the ancient Greeks between 1000 and 494 B.C.


O livro de ouro da História do Brasil

Mary del Priore & Renato Pinto Venâncio Brazil20047.5

The history of Brazil: from discovery to globalization.



Chico Buarque Brazil20036.5

Adventures of a ghost writer learning a difficult language.


Arab historians of the crusades

Francesco Gabrieli Itália19576.5

Arab viewpoint on the European invasions of Palestine and Egypt during the crusades from 1098 to 1303.


The fourth crusade and the sack of Constantinople

Jonatham Phillips Estados Unidos20047.0

An assessment of the Fourth Crusade in 1204, which set out to free Jerusalem from the grip of Islam, and ended in the expedition’s savage attack on the Christian city of Constantinople.


The Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown United States20038.0

A search to the Holy Grail involving secret religious societies, ancient coverups and savage vengeance.


Ancient Peoples of the American Southwest

Stephen Plog United States19976.5

Description of the ancient settled cultures of the American Southwest such as the Hohokam, Anasazi, Mogollon and Mimbres.



Hugh Thomas United States19937.0

Cortes, Montezuma, and the fall of the old Mexican Empire.


The Extraordinary Voyage of Pytheas the Greek

Barry Cunliffe England20017.5

Around 330 B.C., a remarkable man named Pytheas set out from the Greek colony of Massalia (now Marseille) to explore the fabled, terrifying lands of northern Europe.


Rivers of Gold

Hugh Thomas United States20036.5

The Rise of the Spanish Empire, from Columbus to Magellan.


Richard Wetherill - Anasazi

Frank McNitt United States19577.0

Biography of Richard Wetherhill, the pioneer explorer of the Anasazi culture of the Four Corners Region of the American Southwest.


India: A million mutinies now

V. S. Naipaul Inglaterra19908.0

Fascinating journey through India of the late 1980s conducted by interviews of simple persons talking not about politics, culture or religion but rather about their personal lives.


The Albigensian Crusade

Jonathan Sumption Inglaterra19787.5

1066: The year of the conquest

David Howarth England19776.5

Ensaio sobre a Lucidez

José Saramago Portugal20049.0

A History of Ireland

Peter & Fiona Somerset Fry England19887.5

The Celtic Realm

Myles Dillon & Nora Chadwick England19676.0

Scotland: History of a Nation

David Ross Scotland19986.5

Black Sea

Neal Ascherson England19957.0

Journey to Portugal

José Saramago Portugal19819.5

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